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South African Local Government Bargaining Council


The SALGBC is established voluntarily in terms of the Labour Relations Act, by agreement between the employer organization (SALGA) and trade unions parties (IMATU and SAMWU). This agreement is contained in the Council's Constitution (a collective agreement), which is the fundamental governing instrument that regulates the relationship between the employer organization and the trade union parties, to be read in conjunction with the Labour Relations Act.

The SALGBC is comprised of 3 parties, SALGA, SAMWU and IMATU. SALGA is the only recognized employer organization, representing 278 Municipalities in the local government sector. The trade union parties are SAMWU and IMATU, which represent employees in the 278 individual municipalities. The employer body and the trade unions are responsible for negotiating conditions of service and matters of mutual interest, which culminate in collective agreements that become binding on the members of SALGA, on the one hand, and members of SAMWU and IMATU, on the other.

Accreditation Medical Schemes in the Local Government Sector for 2017

The parties (SAMWU, SALGA and IMATU) to the SALGBC, finalised the accreditation of medical aid schemes for 2017 at its Executive Commettee Meeting held on 09 June 2016 - Read more 

Salary and Wage Increase:
1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018

SALGA and the trade unions (IMATU and SAMWU), in implementing and applying the multi-year Salary and Wage Collective Agreement, dated 25 August 2015 - Read More

Request For Salary And Wage Data

The parties (SALGA, IMATU and SAMWU) to the Executive Committee of the SALGBC appointed a Wage Curve Working Group, which working group has a number of terms of reference, as per Annexure B. Read More

Minimum Service Collective Agreement to be concluded in the Local Labour Forum

The SALGBC recently conducted local labour forum training, which incorporated a section on Essential Services dealing with the conclusion of Minimum Service Collective Agreements... Read more

Submission of Municipal Data

The Main Collective Agreement, dated 9 September 2015, stipulates that all employers (municipalities) shall furnish the Council with data... Read more Template - Section A
Template - Section B
Template - Section C