Bargaining Council Levy

The Bargaining Council obtains its funding from Bargaining Council Levies, which are contributed by employees and municipalities. The levies increase annually on 1 July. The Bargaining Council Levy is currently R8.25 payable by each employee and an equal amount of R8.25 payable by the employer. The total contribution remitted by the employer to the SALGBC is R16.50 with effect from 1 July 2017.

The Bargaining Council Levy must be paid by all employees, including Municipal Managers and contract employees. Only employees who are on learnerships are excluded.

Agency Shop Fee

The parties to the council have also concluded an Agency Shop Collective Agreement as contemplated in Section 25 of the Labour Relations Act. All municipal employees who do not belong to the two Trade Unions (SAMWU or IMATU) must pay an Agency Shop Fee. These monies are administered by the council and paid over to the trade unions.

The Agency Shop Fee is 1%, up to a maximum of R65,00, of the employee’s monthly gross income. In addition, all employees who are required to pay the Agency Shop Fee must also pay the applicable Bargaining Council Levy, which is currently R8.25.